WIP Jewel Lake Series

A Contemporary NA Romance Series Set on a Beautiful Lake in Minnesota

After the death of their grandmother, Anna and her sister Maggie inherit the family cabin, located on Jack Pine Lake in Minnesota, the heart of all their childhood happiness. Locked up for years and neglected after a family tragedy, the house needs serious TLC. But the potential of the huge old home is promising. On impulse, at the funeral, the young women decide to relocate back to their childhood home state and to return the old structure to its former glory.

With the help of some old, childhood girlfriends (and their brothers), and one long, special summer, the girls rebuild more than a house, they rebuild a family for the future.

Book One: Jewel Lake

Anna is a pragmatist through and through. Working with a limited budget, she understands the daunting scope of refurbishing the family cabin. She makes lists, budgets carefully, and proceeds through the process step-by-step to prevent complications and overspending. That’s why she doesn’t understand how her request for a basic dock has morphed into an elaborate scheme for a boat house with hydraulic lifts. It seems impossible to rein in her friend Tricia’s brother, Jared, and his grand planning. His pale blue eyes and sexy smile are all it takes to turn her vocalized concerns into tongue-tied nods of agreement.

Minneapolis engineer and inventor Jared agrees to trade some skilled labor for the chance to spend his summer weekends and holidays out on peaceful Jack Pine Lake. It doesn’t hurt that the owner, his younger sister’s old childhood friend Anna, is beautiful, smart and single. He can’t seem to keep his distance from her, even though he’s just managed to shake off the last girlfriend he didn’t want. Of course, there is a difference this time: he wants Anna. He’ll do anything to impress her. Even build her the best boat house in the world.