Selene is a new author eager to reach readers. Though she is submitting new, selected works to traditional publishers, she is also self-publishing on Amazon and other online digital book retailers, including B & N, Smashwords, iTunes, and Kobo. She considers the quality of her self-published work to equal that of what she submits to outside publishers. Bloggers or Reviewers interested in an interview, review or giveaway opportunity should email

At the moment, Selene has five titles released: three contemporary works of fiction, as well as a prequel novella and her first full-length novel of a paranormal series about witches and warlocks. The third book in the series should release sometime this summer. Upcoming first though: a series of novellas about three sisters who are princesses on a planet in a galaxy far, far away…for more details, click HERE.


For details on the contemporary stories, click on the links below.


The Swing of Her Hips  Crash Into My Heart  Her New Year’s Knight

Published 9/2012          Published 10/2012     Published 12/2013


For details on the paranormal series, click on the links below.


Brianna’s Bewitching   The Binding of Adara    More Than Just a Dream

Published 3/2013         Published 7/30/14         Current WIP


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