Independent Reviewers Sought

Are we a love match?

Readers finding favorite authors and authors finding ideal readers–sometimes it’s a hit-and-miss proposition. But maybe Selene will be an author whose books you love to read and you will be the reader for whom she loves to write stories. Isn’t that what all book lovers and writers wish to find every time they begin a new story?

Selene seeks special individuals to read and post honest reviews of her books for the purpose of spreading a love of romance to other readers, and to help other romance readers discover her books specifically. Reader reviews are an essential part of that process. If you already like to review books, maybe you’d like to review Selene’s books?

Selene writes romance in several subgenres, including paranormal, science fiction (SFR) and contemporary. Her books are rated age 18+ because they include tasteful but explicit sex scenes. She likes to write MF opposites-attract stories set in distinctive, exotic settings like foreign countries or on other planets or in alternate realities. Her background is in literary fiction, so she works on her craft from every aspect: story telling to character building to layered word magic.

To be considered an independent reviewer for Selene, please complete the form linked below. Selected individuals will generally receive complimentary gift certificates for Selene’s books from Amazon, along with irregular surprises as special thanks for posted reviews.

Caveat: While Selene does get a bit sad at negative reviews, she understands not every story is right for every reader, and ultimately reviews are for readers, not authors. Consequently, she’s happy when her books receive 3-Star, 4-Star and 5-Star reviews, just in case you think she expects unequivocal praise when the reviewer doesn’t think the book merits it. She doesn’t. But, she believes that if you read one of her books and dislike it enough to DNF it or give it a meh 2-star or negative 1-star review, then she’s probably not the author for you. There are too many books in the world to read to waste time on the books you don’t at least like…so no hard feelings if this reviewing relationship doesn’t work out.

Now, if you’re still interested in getting review copies of Selene’s books, please click HERE.