WIP More Than Just a Dream

Third book in the Witches & Warlocks of Los Angeles series.

Carrie is a perfectionist, the reliable one. Her friends depend on her for everything from a ride across town, to help typing a college essay, to relationship counseling. She says what she means and means what she says. That’s why she’s the cautious one as well. Anything she says, she does, so she’s careful about what she says and does.

It might be the second wave of feminism and women are hopping in and out of beds like their fellow man, but not Carrie. Oh, she’s no prude. She thinks it’s women’s right to own their sexuality just like men have done since the beginning of time. But with sex comes the risk of pregnancy, and she’s got her life plan worked out. No kids until she’s 30. She has school to finish, a career to launch…men are a distraction she can’t manage at the moment. That’s why she uses her ability to shift reality whenever she meets a guy she’s attracted to. Why place herself in the path of temptation? Then, she meets the perfect man for a little fun–the ultimate playboy with no intentions of settling down–and she thinks…what’s one night? She can always just shift reality immediately after she sleeps with him. It’ll be like it never happened.

Of course, there is that little problem she has with her shifts being less than perfect.