WIP Seduced by a Scot Series

Book One: This is What You Came For

Fiesty Latina and first-generation American, Sophia Martinez is a grad student from UC, Davis studying horticulture, who heads to Scotland to attend a conference on roses. There she meets a lord who’s determined to leap the cultural divide to claim her heart.

When reclusive Dr. Andrew Reid MacArther, Earl of Dungurgh, agreed to host the annual British Rose Society Conference at his family estate, he didn’t expect his young nemesis and secret fantasy to show up and in need of a knight in shining armor.

Book Two: How Deep is Your Love

Isabella Berardi, CA wine country heiress, intends to blend academic work and play on her trip to Scotland, with a little late night pub crawling. A PhD candidate in horticulture, she’s determined to age eventually into a fine red wine. But she prefers her men like the bartender serving her drinks, brash and young like a white, which, unfortunately tends to turn sour and undrinkable if uncorked and kept around too long. At least, that’s her history with these kind of guys.

Ian Wallace, master sommelier and whiskey connoisseur, wants more than the life of a bartender. Is the stunning American woman who saunteres into his bar one night the one who he wants, or is it who she is that he wants? After all, a ticket into the Berardi family business in sunny Central California is a big step up from his poverty lifestyle in a small town in Scotland.

Book Three: Living on Sweet Nothing

Having just earned her chops as a professional chef, Keira Dempsey looks forward to working at the 4-star restaurant that’s part of the famed Berardi Winery in California. The first few weeks on the job will be stressful though, since the owner is throwing a grand wedding for his daughter, the head chef has decided Kiera should be his new girlfriend, and the place is overrun with snotty aristocratic guests.

Gregor Acheson travels west to escape the dreak weather in Scotland, witness his friend’s wedding, and to enjoy the sunshine, fine wine and gourmet food of California’s central coast. He might even get in a little time to paint. He doesn’t expect to find his perfect subject in the tattooed and pierced cook with stunning sky blue eyes.

Book Four: Coming Back for You

Vivenne Traver has played the most prestigious concert halls in the world. But one bad performance has her confidence shaken, and knocked her off the tour schedule. Playing her harp at a week long wedding gala on the Central Coast should help cure her stage fright, right?

Bryce Wallace looks forward to his California vacation. Riding high following his recent promotion at work and over his best friend’s happiness and own success, he arrives ready to party and relax. Unfortunately, his role as best man has him chasing after disappearing musicians and protecting fellow Scotsmen from tattooed cooks with big sharp kinves. When he locates that missing harpist, he’ll make sure she stays where he puts her, even if he has to tie her down.

Book Five: I Need Your Love

Ava Berardi is building her art career despite her father’s disapproval. Unlike her older sister Izzy, she’s not interested in working for the family vineyard. Getting invited to show her work at the famous Edinburgh Arts Festival is her next step towards independence. Dragging two friends along for company should make the trip like a vacation too. Too bad her friends go off with handsome Scotsmen the first night, leaving her stuck with the “too important” for her jerk.

When Graeme Acheson is roped into chauffeuring a young America around Edinburgh while she’s in town for an event, he can’t imagine any bigger waste of his time. As one of the key staff for a local MP and a tough election ahead, he can’t afford to take the girl out and about. Then he meets Ava, and realizes she’s one campaign he can’t lose.

Book Six: Blame it on the Night

Actress/Comedienne Daphne Takes tags along with her good friend Ava to the Edinburgh Art Festival even though her own performance piece was soundly rejected as an entry. She plans to soak up the serious theater scene as a counterpoint to her Hollywood experience, basically to develop some new material. She already has the plot of several skits sketched out. How hard can it be to mock serious Shakespearean actors and their stiff upper lips.

Niall Ferguson has honed his acting skills through serious theater study since he was a boy. He’s played London stages and spent several summers performing the Bard’s words at the Straford-upon-Avon theater. To him, American actors aren’t actors at all, but bland pretty faces with perfectly straight white teeth and no character. On the surface, Daphne Takes fits the stereotype perfectly. Why it is her less than-bland personality is capable of sending his normal cool demeanor into a rage beyond Othello’s is beyond his understanding. And then, when she weasels her way into playing opposite him in the short play he’s engaged to perform in one week’s time, he’s confounded and livid.

Book Seven:  Feel So Close

Recent college graduate and aspiring writer Gabrielle Garcia Gutierrez tags along with her friends to the famous Edinburgh Arts Festival. Free room, opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Heck yeah. Blowing her graduation money on a flight instead of a downpayment on an apartment might not have been her wisest choice, but she’s been told to write what she knows…and as someone who’s hardly left her corner in the state of California, She doesn’t feel like she knows much.

Frustrated, Angus Keir is working in customer service for an international computer software company’s office in Edinburgh. A waste of his technical degree and brilliant mind as far as he’s concerned. But there aren’t a lot of professional jobs to go after in Scotland. When the potential path to the coveted American West Coast job market shows up in the curvy and sensual body of one single and bonnie American girl, how can a guy pass up the opportunity to woo her into falling in love with him, or at least agreeing to marrying him, for a short, inconsequential two-year period? Since she’s cute and sweet-tempered too, it won’t be a hardship at all. As he usually gets whatever he goes after, he decides shy, unsuspecting Gabrielle is the perfect choice. If persistent thoughts of guilt creep up–or her suspicious friends interfere, he shuts them out. He whisks her off for a week-long driving tour through Scotland with the secret destination of Gretna Green tidily scheduled at the end. A quick wedding? One green card coming right up. Now, he just has to keep her from discovering his motives, and more importantly, keep his heart out of the bargain.