WIP The Captured Mate Series

A trilogy of novellas about three willful princesses from the planet Eda who find their single status threatened by the king’s reinstatement of a capture-and-mate call to his strongest warriors.

These stories are interwoven, but can also be read as stand-alone stories.

Tentative titles and publication dates:

Book One: Taming the Harridan Princess 

The man of Viridia’s dreams ran away from her eight years ago. The humiliation had a detrimental effect on her view of love. If the warrior was afraid of her then, he’d certainly fear her now, she thinks. As the fiercest female warrior on the planet Eda, she has perfected her ability to keep distant all contenders for her heart with a sharp sword and an even sharper tongue. No man will ever get the chance to reject her again, not even the berserker who once captured her heart.

When the burly warrior known as the Berserker of Branve discovers the king is demanding that his three wayward daughters mate with warrrior-husbands to ensure the future political stability of the planet, he coordinates his retirement from the military with an abduction plan. He has desired the beautiful fighter Viridia since the moment he laid eyes on her when she was just fifteen. His reward for waiting to make her his? Finally owning her body, heart and soul.

Book Two: Wooing the Genius Princess 

Shy, retiring Safire prefers to spend her time reading and writing. She’s working on her masterpiece–a definitive guide to the entire history of her home planet, Eda. She hates to socialize. The fortune-hunters that covet her body and her connections intimidate her with their wooing and bore her with their tedious gossip. They want to control and use her. She’s not interested, until the shallowest, most dissolute rogue of them all sets her heart aflutter.

Rorik has led an exemplary life…as an inveterate gambler, womanizing adulterer and undercover spy for the state. No one takes him seriously and that’s exactly the way he likes it. One of the reasons he’s so good at his work, ferreting out the disloyal, is because everyone underestimates him. He’s hidden comfortably behind the persona for years. But when a brief encounter with the quiet, bookish princess Safire, the one they call the Ice Princess, sets his heart to yearning, how does he get the young intellectual to see him as more than a handsome, debauched playboy? Capturing her body is easy; but winning her respect and love may require his complete unmasking.

Book Three: Managing the Coquettish Princess 

Rubya loves parties, balls and social events. She’s young and carefree. Her older sisters’ disinterest in mating has given her the freedom to dally at the game of love as well. Besides, she has already chosen her future husband, never mind that he thinks she’s too immature to suit his needs in a mate. Determined to change his mind, she has been mastering the art of flirtation with the unabashed intention of seducing him right into bed.

General Olaf’s reputation as the heartless commander of Eda’s premiere military precedes him wherever he goes. Devoted to his work and responsibilities, he has postponed taking a mate for years. Then the king orders him to mate one of his daughters. As a loyal subject, Olaf cannot refuse. All three princesses are beautiful, but the youngest, the most impetuous and frivolous, the one who drives him mad to the point of losing his ironclad control, may be the only one who can storm all his defenses to capture his heart.

Bundled Trilogy